Élő Magyar Művészet/1 - Ughy István
ArtBook fine art album app for the Apple iOS systems

EMM/1 - Ughy István

The series of the Élő Magyar Művészet present of works of contemporary artists. The apps are built with ArtBook technology.

The "Élő Magyar Művészet" 2016/1 digital fine art album presents the art of painter István Ughy through his biography, images of his 67 works and a study of Péter Legéndy.

The ArtBook fine art album is a digital book: it consists of chapters and it is as readable as the traditional books. You can turn pages back and forth using the well knows gestures. The technology allows to see the objects from multiple perspectives and to open the images in full screen size. The catalogue of the works can be filtered in a user friendly way by different criteria, visualizing the images of the selected works only.

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