János Andrássy Kurta
The Sculpture of the Hungarian People

Andrássy Kurta János: A magyar nép szobrászata

This book is the first substantive summary of Hungarian folk sculpture. It is exceptional that the author's viewpoint is not an ethnographer's one. He analyzes the presented works from a sculptor's point of view. The book with the great number of the published folk artworks draws the reader's eyes to the richness of a previously unknown territory. This presentation and analysis of the material helps to clear the much-debated issue: the primer talent is not the wonder of an wast space, rather it is a continuation and an organic new interpretation of the works of a number of unknown folk artists of the past.

The author, sculptor János Andrássy Kurta (1911 - 2008) was one of the most representative artists of the Hungarian national folk-inspired sculpture. More than 60 of his sculptures stand in public spaces. His oeuvre consists of significant number of works of art: besides sculptures and reliefs he created paintings, drawings, graphics as well.

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The publisher is the Andrássy Kurta János Foundation for the Arts.