Our enterprise, the ABM Mérnöki Iroda Kft. (ABM Engineering Ltd.) launched in 2002 as a private corporation.

Our field of activity is software development and IT consulting. We have extensive experience in Mac OS X (Apple Macintosh) and iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad)-based application development.

Digital fine art album app for Apple iPad/iPhone systems:
ArtBook - Andrássy Kurta János
ArtBook - Wagner Nándor
ArtBook - MKE Szobrász Diplomázók 2014 (hungarian only)
ArtBook - MKE Szobrász Diplomázók 2015 (hungarian only)
ArtBook - MKE Szobrász Diplomázók 2016 (hungarian only)
ArtBook - MKE Szobrász Diplomázók 2017 (hungarian only)
ArtBook - MKE Szobrász Diplomázók 2018 (hungarian only)
Vivát VARGA! - Imre Varga sculptor is 90 years old (hungarian only)

Based on the ArtBook technology a new series started by name Élő Magyar Művészet which present of works of contemporary artists:
2016/1 István Ughy painter
2016/2 Géza Sallai sculptor

We released in cooperation with the developers of the Köztérkép site the
Szoborkeresö (Find a statue) application.
We offer our services creating downloadable versions of books or publications in PDF and EPUB formats.

János Andrássy Kurta - The Sculpture of the Hungarian People (A magyar nép szobrászata)

General manager: Bálint Andrási
Address: 2094 Nagykovácsi, Kossuth Lajos u. 55. Hungary
Mobile: +36 20 393 8116
E-mail: abm@abm.hu